Do you have a wordpress site and need help / advice on any question? I can probably help you!
Do you want to learn wordpress and need some tutoring on doing some basic steps? I can help with this too.

I’ve been using WordPress for more than 5 years and got throguh some very tough tasks.
I’ve integrated Flickr albums, parallax views, sliders, modal views, mailchimp and many more.
I also had experience with many themes, as well as wrote some themes from the scratch and from base themes.
I’ve participated in couple of WordCamps in Montreal and Ottawa (and you should – it’s garanteed to advance you, whatever your level of WordPress knowledge).

So, if you feel like your progress on WordPress is stalled, give me a call and we can arrange something.

WordPress is a great tool with, probably, the easiest learning curve and unrivaled power considering that ease of learning it.
So, lets make every WordPress website as close to perfect as possible.