Case study: Artist’s portfolio website

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Here’s one example of the small project that made a huge difference in the appearance and utility of the website.
I’ve been contacted by the local abstract art painter to fix couple of issues in the WordPress site.

  • The site was using the theme, but almost every aspect of it was appearing unfinished.
  • The portfolio gallery did not have the titles and border was assimetric.
  • The logo of the website was plain text.
  • Frnt page had just plain text paragrath and couple of portfolio images.

To bring this website a bit closer to perfection, the following was done:

  • Added the new logo, that artist provided
  • Added the favicon – the small symbol the the left of the title
  • Added the big image with the ad for the upcoming event that artist was attending
  • Fixed the titles and categories of the portfolio.
  • Separated the sold and available works, so that it’s easy to see with the click of the button.
  • Set the background from one of the paintings
  • Found out and fixed the issue with Google indexing (site was not in the google index even after 1 year online)

Result – much more professional site and another happy client.